If not satisfied with the purchase, the Client may exchange or return the item(s) acquired in zilian.com, within a period of 30 days post the reception of the order.

The request for the exchange or return is only valid after the fulfillment of the Exchange and Return Form. The box where the items were received should be in good shape and well seeled, so there is no space for missplacement or other prejuducial events during the shipment to the Zilian warehouse.

For Mainland Portugal, we have available free home exchanges. For the Islands of Portugal and International exchanges, the costs of shipping of the item to exchange are intirely on the Client. The item to exchange should be sent to: Av. António Augusto Aguiar 29D, 1050-251 Lisboa. The item chose to exchange will be sent to the Client, once the original item from the order arrives at our Zilian facilities.

Returns, after filling in the Exchange and Return Form, can happen in two ways: in one of our brick amd mortar stores (Zilian Av.ª Ant.º Augusto de Aguiar ou Zilian Chiado); or by shipping us the item to Av. António Augusto Aguiar 29D, 1050-251 Lisboa. The costs of shipping of the item to return are intirely on the Client.

The shipping should be done in the original box with a copy of the invoice. 

In the case of returns, after confirmation by Zilian staff that the article was returned in the original conditions by the Client, Zilian will initiate the refund process of the value paid by the items returned, though the same payment method used on the purchase. The refund will be processed within the maximum of 14 business days.