Suede leather with buckle


Camel suede leather with gold buckle. Ref: 600597

Material: Suede // Lining: Leather

Made in Portugal

Size Guide </b>


<table width="100%">



<td style="width: 35%; text-align: center;"><strong>Size</strong></td>

<td style="width: 29.8707%; text-align: center;">85</td>

<td style="width: 68.1293%; text-align: center;">95</td>



<td style="width: 35%; text-align: center;"><strong>Cm (from buckle to last hole)</strong></td>

<td style="width: 29.8707%; text-align: center;">85 cm</td>

<td style="width: 68.1293%; text-align: center;">95 cm</td>





Cor: camel